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These are just a very small portion of the thank you letters that we receive each year for roof jobs well done. We greatly appreciate people taking the time out of their busy lives to write and say "Thank You!" Ace Roofing has grown tremendously over the years almost exclusively by word of mouth. We do some advertisement for our roofing services but its very small in comparison to the roofing jobs we get purely from referrals each year.


We have met so many fantastic people over the years taking care of Toledo's roofing needs! These are just handful of the letters we have received over the years from people just like you enjoying their new, high quality, leak-free, roof!


These thank you letters are just one of the things we tell customers they should expect to see from their roofing contractor. Another very important thing to look at it you have not already done so is our repeat user references. For the roofing industry, repeat user references show a big difference between the companies the come out and just slap a roof on (most times incorrectly) and the ones that do it right. We do all of our roofs properly using only our in-house trained roofers.  


These testimonials and more importantly our repeat user references are all people who have seen we do good work not only right when the roofs was completed, but years down the road while it's still lasting as well.

Ace Roofing Thank You Letter - 1

Ace Roofing Thank You Letter - 1

Excerpts from the handwritten letters below:



Thanks for everything. I love my new roof!


Have a Happy Thanksgiving.




~President Sheree Bargabos, of Owens Corning Roofing Division


Dear M. Wright,


I just wanted to thank you again for the quality of your crew's work. They all were courteous, efficient, and professional. I've already passed your name and phone number on to a friend of mine. I'll gladly do so again when the opportunity presents itself.


Thank You,


Maurine R




It was a pleasure having you and your excellent roofing crew here this past Monday & Tuesday. They did a superb job, were always polite & friendly and they did an outstanding job, too, in cleaning up after they were done. They each are fun-loving and I will really miss their lively conversations, etc. Your crew is a tribute to you & your roofing company. I think my new roof is terrific in appearance as well as in the quality of workmanship. Thank you for everything, Mike. You have some small folders which you may want. I highly recommended you to former neighbors of mine, Helen, and John Williams. They live in Hillsdale & share a condo & are in need of a new roof. I'm not sure if John will call you but I hope so.


Thanks again for everything.


Sandy B



I really didn't believe that my roof could only be a 1-day job! Kudos to your crew - those guys are good, fast & professional.


Thanks again


Tom S

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