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Toledo, Ohio Roofing Contractors - Professional Roof Tear Off And Installation

One of Toledo's Most Elite Roofing Contractors: Ace Roofing & Construction Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Contractors

When you hire a roofing contractor to fix your roof, you want to be sure the company you hire is experienced and can do a high-quality job at an affordable price. That makes Ace Roofing and Construction your hometown choice for keeping you warm and dry. 


Ace Roofing and Construction is a highly reputable roof contractor with 30-years' experience. We stand by all our work. Thanks to our large crew, in most cases we can turn around your residential roof replacement in a single day: prep, tear-off, and shingling. 

Ace Roofing's Team Of Roofing Experts Can Install These Quality Products From Well-Known, Repurtable Manufacturers

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Toledo Roofer, Toledo Roofing, Roofing Contractor, Oregon Roofer, Siding, Windows, Gutters, Doors, Roof Repairs, Contractor
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Ace Roofing & Construction: Installing Leak Free Roofs Since 1980 In The Toledo, Ohio Area!

In business in since 1980, Ace Roofing and Construction has established a spotless rating with the Better Business Bureau (actually better than an A+ rating since you can have some complaints and still maintain an A+ rating. We have NO complaints.) and has been designated an Owens Corning Preferred Contractor. In addition, Ace Roofing and Construction have gathered a long list of satisfied customers, contractors, and agencies who can vouch for our quality construction. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of craftsmanship and do each job as though we are working on our own homes. We take pride in our work and believe you will, too.


Take a look around our site and get to know us better. We encourage you to get to know the company that you intend to work with before you sign any contracts — and that includes us! Getting to know your contractor can help protect you from unwanted problems down the road. Make sure your contractor is a member of the Better Business Bureau and has a clean record with them.


Check our testimonials, then give us a call


If we do the job, we'll do it right!

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Not All "Reputable Roofing Contractors" Are The Same In The Toledo, Ohio Area (or anywhere)

It's amazing how many roofs we tear off every year in Toledo and surrounding areas that our customers say were put on by "reputable contractors" only to be thrown in the dumpster weeks after having the roof installed. Many of the big-name roofing companies in the Toledo area are not what we would call "reputable" due to the way they handle thier businesses and more importantly, their customers, unbeknownst to them.


The problem with a vast majority of the roofing contractors in Toledo and surrounding areas is that they do not do their own work. They use sub-crews. Sub-crews are third-party groups of workers that do jobs for these larger companies. The problem is that these sub-crews are not properly trained, and more often than not, ruin your roof from day one. Not only do they not install the roof properly, but that improper installation voids your roof's warranty from day one as well.


Below is a gallery of images all FROM THE SAME JOB that we just tore off in the winter of 2016 that was installed by one of these "reputable contractors" and replaced by us THREE WEEKS later.


Can you afford to chance to have to replace your roof twice in the same month to save a little money? Sadly many of these roofs are done by companies their neighbors recommended and when our customers went after that "reputable contractor" to get the roof replaced again they couldn't get any money out of them. It really is sickening.... Unfortunately in these circumstances, the customer has to buy the roof again.

Improper Roof Installation By A Large Toledo Area Roofing Contractor We Had To Replace Three Weeks After Installation
Improper Nailing

This image shows how the installer nailed so low that water is able to run over from the seem between the two shingles and into the nail hold causing a leak

Improper Nailing

Again this shows the shingles not being properly installed. Without proper nailing your shingles will work loose and cause leaks.

Improper Soil Stack Installation

The soil stack boot in this picture you can see was installed damaged so they tried to hold it down with more nails causing more hold for water to leak into.

Improper Roof Installation

As you can see in this image water running down the shingles behind the chimney dup under the rest of the roof. Also not properly flashed.

Bad Wood

Obviously this wood should have been replaced when the new roof was installed.

Bad Wood
Bad Wood
Bad Wood
Shingles not installed properly.

Shingles nailed so low the nail holes are exposed to water.

Wet spot

In this image you can see where water had been leaking on to the bay sheet due to improperly installed shingles.

Nails in counter flash

Counter flashing from under siding nailed through roof causing leaks at each nail.

Improperly Flashed

Flashing was re-used in this area of the roof. Roof installed over the top of the flashing as well, not properly flashed.

Replaced wood

Numerous sheets of plywood hard to be replaced on this job.

Water Damaged Wood

This is a sheet of plywood we pulled up that has mold growing all over it from the leaky roof.

Improper Shingling

This image shows how the installer shingled from both directions at once and was not sure what to do once they end up with a small gap between the two runs. They decided just to shove a small piece of shingle in to cover the gap...

No Flashing

Again no flashing at the siding walls. Any flashing this job did have was old and not installed properly.

Missing Vent

This is a picture of the old vent hole that was just covered up by shingles causing the roof to slowly melt into the hole and leak like crazy.

Old Flashing

Again you can see here they left the old flashing in place. You can also see that this area was leaking pretty badly.

More Leaks
More Leaks
More Bad wood

Clearly this was bad long before the three week old roof was installed and should have been replaced.

Old Flashing

You can see this old flashing was also not bent up under the siding nearly as far as it should have been.

Improper Roof Vent Installation
Improper Roof Vent Installation

You can see here not only did they not installed the vent from end to end like they should have, they didn't even bother to cut the top of the roof open so it actually vents.

Improper shingle installation

In this image you can see how they nailed right in the seem where the shingles come together causing leaks at every single shingle seem.

Improper Installation

Overlapping shingles is not correct.

Again improper installation

Flashing is all under the new roof.

Improper installation

Soil Stack boot dumps under shingles.

Improper Installation

No iceguard was used nor a starter row of shingles. Shingles edge just flapped in the wind since it was not sealed down.

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